Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cosmic Rhythm Ohio Watercolor Society 2016

Carol J Stevens         22"x22"          Mixed water media

  "Cosmic Rhythm" was selected for OWS 2016 by juror Carrie Burns Brown and awarded the LEACH FENKER MEMORIAL AWARD. It will be on display with her other selections at the Riffe Gallery in Columbus OH, October 27, 2016 through January 7 ,2017 as Ohio Watercolor Society presents their 39th Annual Juried Exibition.  
There is also the Jurors Workshop June 7 thru 10, 2016 and show opening, Awards banquet on October 29, 1016.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

More Yupo


20 x 26 "              water media on yupo


20 x 26             watercolor on yupo


5.5 x 5.5 "       water media on yupo


9 x 12 "     mixed water media

Paintings on Yupo  have many different "looks".  Adding and then subtracting  paint from the surface leads to endless play. While trimming  " Memories"  down to fit a show category, I noticed how beautiful the scraps were, so I began slicing and trimming others and weaving  until I had what reminded me of the potholders
I made as a child,  more play!

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Carol J. Stevens    20 x 26 "      water media on Yupo


Water media simply wipes off this slick plastic "paper" and you're right back to a totally white paper. This would seem to make it an unlikely substrate for a watercolor painting.  What seems to be a terrible disadvantage has become a real fascination for artists all over the world.  The joy of lifting, pushing, puddling, stamping, brushing, rolling, marking and just plain playing has led to an abundadance of  creativity with techniques and styles never ending.
"Unwound" is my experiment with masking tape and Yupo and was part of the National Watercolor Society's 2015 Annual Show in San Pedro CA.

Here are more Yupo " looks"

Carol J Stevens         20 x 36"    water media on Yupo

Carol J. Stevens         20 x 26 "   watercolor on Yupo

Carol J. Stevens    20 X 26"    water media on Yupo

                                  Carol J. Stevens           20 X 26"     water media on Yu 


Carol J. Stevens        10 X 13 "  acrylic on Yupo

Carol J. Stevens         5 X 7"           wc on Yupo


This last example is a card sent to a dear skiing friend.  I treasure the memory of his excitement every morning as he watched this sunrise while driving up the mountain to meet his buddies "The Over-the- Hill-Gang"  for coffee and then racing through the trees, down the slopes while singing "Oh Lord it's
Hard to Be Humble"
Of course they'd already lost me back by the creek!

Other examples of  my Yupo work already on this blog are:  Scarab, Wish You Were Here, No Wake Zone, and Sand Castles.

My "Painting on Yupo" demo for the Eustis Art League will be on March 12, 2016,  2:00 at the
Lake Eustis Museum of Art
The workshop will be the following Saturday March 19, 2016 .  1:30 - 4:00, also at LEMA

Friday, February 19, 2016


JUNE 26 - 30 2016

Sandscrest Retreat Center
Wheeling, WV

This retreat is located in the beautiful rolling hills of the West Virginia countryside and includes 12 delicious meals, quaint accommodations and work space.  
Marilyn Hughey Phillis, who  has led so many  wonderful OWS seminars and  retreats by sharing and encouraging creativity,  will be on hand to continue inspiring and suggesting some thought provoking ideas and projects.  Most time will be left for self direction with a quiet work space, play space! Then share
  your adventures and fun with other artists over a gourmet dinner.
I'll be assisting Marilyn any way I can. 
540.00   Please call me 440-213-8047 for mailing instructions

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Carol J. Stevens  2015         20 x  30"          mixed media collage


                                © Carol J. Stevens 2005     20 x 30        water media collage

This painting  "Lizard" was part of a collection created in 2005 for an internet
sales site.  I needed to produce 15 paintings in just a month.
With my usual process, paintings evolve over much time, sometimes years.
So I felt the entire collection was incomplete "Motel Art".  I strive to make my paintings more than decorative.  The site was not what it promised to be and soon failed so these paintings were
left to steep in time on the shelf and I've enjoyed bringing many of them
to completion with time and thought.
Now in 2015, it was "Lizard's" turn to be resolved and unfold to become

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


It was 1989 before I found time for my art, just as my two kids, Jared and Abby were moving on into adulthood.  They enjoyed my portraits of them, our pets and familiar scenes.  As their lives became more complex, so did my paintings but by then their adult responsibilities left little time to understand my fascination with nonobjective art.  I felt the need to share the joy and knowledge  of art I had gained over those years.  Would these long conversations ever come up in my lifetime?

 Maybe?  So I began thinking of putting it all simply in writing and photos.  It would be lots of scanning and typing to make two copies of all.  But then my wonderful friend Cindy Allman, graphic artist, stepped in and took my typed ramblings, facts and pictures and turned straw into gold. With her great skills as a fine artist and designer the book came to life.  Along with a local printer willing to do a small batch we were able to provide my 2 kids, 5 grandchildren and several close friends with copies. This was a really rewarding project for all who participated to say nothing of the treasures provided for my family to ponder when they do find the time. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Arctic Sunrise

(c) Carol Stevens      20 x 30"   mixed water media

After a 1993 workshop with Gerald Brommer I continued to be interested in collage
with "rice" papers, staining, tearing, layering them.  Ultimately this
piece became  a 20 x30 example of beautiful colors and textures.  Every square
inch of it was just luscious and so much fun to just layer more and more.
With each new addition of blues, greens, violet papers, I believed it would become
the complete painting I was looking for, but no!  Something was still missing.
So I added more papers.  The colors and textures became more complex, varied
and beautiful all the way to the corners.  Time passed and I kept looking and adding.

The realization came over time that I needed to subtract some of that gorgeous surface. I had created to many beautiful areas of texture and color all over. There are seven art elements and I was using only  two of them, color and texture.  Missing were line, shape, value, direction and size.  These missing elements were needed to make a completed thoughtful painting instead of just that beautifully decorated paper.  I had to, painfully, hide some of those luscious areas with a light tint of opaque paint to create shapes and value.  Lines were added for direction. The negative shapes were varied in size.  Consideration of all the elements is needed to make a unified statement, a painting! 1999   

Sunday, September 20, 2015


© Carol J. Stevens       22 x 22"      mixed water media

The versatility of acrylics is fascinating.  Recently, I experimented with the ancient art of marbling using this modern water-based medium.  The bursting color and yin yang patterns found their way into a painting that’s history began in 2005.  

Between then and now, I’ve alternately added scraps of old paintings and more paint, thus embedding not only the materials but my thoughts, memories and passing fancies into the layers held together by acrylics adhesiveness.  Ultimately, the need arises to organize it using the principles of art and my intuition until dominance is achieved and only then can I begin to understand its meaning.

Ohio Watercolor Society 
“Watercolor Ohio”
Travel Show Award, 2012

“Acrylic Works 2- The Best of 
Acrylic Painting” Book

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Navigating the Night Skies

© Carol J. Stevens     30 X 22"      Mixed water-media

This painting developed over several difficult years.  Invited to make an altered book with a friend’s class,  I began to prepare for the book ahead of time, 
collecting various things to include.  My feelings and words spilled out into the book, and onto this painting.   

I was navigating through some treacherous waters, relying on strengths gained from previous battles with myself and life in general. The book, painting and I all came into the sunshine.  By the time the class began, my first and only altered book was almost complete.

Friday, September 18, 2015


© Carol J. Stevens            22 X 22"      mixed water-media

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wish You Were Here

© Carol J. Stevens       18 X 25"      mixed water-media on Yupo

While vacationing in Myrtle Beach,  I discovered these ladies enjoying sunshine and sisterhood, as I had often done with my friends.  Days later, at home again and exploring the qualities of Yupo, these ladies pleasantly popped back into my mind and onto my yupo. So I spent another lovely afternoon again enjoying their camaraderie.

No Wake Zone

© Carol J. Stevens          21 X 23"       watercolor on Yupo

This piece was selected by Mel Stabin  for the OWS  2011 Annual Show.  I'd sent in 2 choices.  He chose this one over "Wish You Were Here"   HUMMMMM

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Spirit Dance

© Carol J. Stevens        22 X 22"        mixed water-media

My Mother would clean her house painting brushes by scrubbing them on the basement wall and announcing "Well, at least the wall is clean!"  I watched, fascinated as the multicolored chaos grew.  Now I too scrub and drip paint 
onto my works in progress and onto scraps of paper for collage thus 
creating that same chaos.

When the drips and scrapes start speaking to me, I listen and scrub until their meaning becomes clear, rather like reading tea leaves.  My Mother lives and dances in me! 

Ohio Watercolor Society  
“Watercolor Ohio 2008” 
Prizm Award